In every company the number of software and SaaS applications is growing.

What is often not taken for granted: the use of applications of any kind must also be secure. Identity & Access Management (IAM), i.e. the regulation of identity & access management, is a key factor in this. Without central IAM, companies cannot develop a solid strategy for the full use of applications, whether in the cloud or locally.

Developed in-house, DTS Identity is an intuitive, SaaS-based IAM solution - “Made in Germany” and delivered from 
our own, German and certified DTS Cloud. Our Identity ensures secure use of your applications, including central authentication, access control and profile management. We help you save unnecessary resources, simplify and centralize processes, enforce security standards and avoid unclear access rights.

Complete IAM in a central, dynamic solution “made by DTS”!

The advantages to you at a glance

IAM & CIAM as SaaS service in a central, dynamic solution

provided from own, German, certified & EU-DSGVO compliant data centers

centralization of access controls & policies

multi-factor authentication with Single Sign-On (SSO) according to Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) standard

access gateway for identity standard OpenID Connect (SAML SSO for local or cloud apps)

user classification & Role Based Access Control (RBAC)

automation through synchronization with active directory & Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP)

zero-trust approach through least privilege principle: access only to required applications

flexible scaling with self-service & invitation principle

email, web and phone support

customizable corporate identity for an improved, consistent user experience

As an Identity provider we ensure that users are really who they say they are. After all, the ultimate goal is to prevent cybercriminals and unauthorized users from accessing sensitive applications and data. However, it doesn‘t make sense to simply have every piece of software its own login. A sustainable strategy is one that de-links user identification and manages it centrally, including a uniform CI. We enable this central and consistently secure gateway for applications and the multi cloud. This follows the principle of multi-factor authentication, where a user can log in to all connected, local or cloud apps via SSO.

All app types, i.e. native apps, single pages, web apps or Machine-to-Machine (M2M), can be connected to the central Identity application for uniform authentication. Login is done via a common browser. The certified data library stored in Identity is also the basis for the option to define different roles so that each user does not have to be granted individual rights and access. If, for example, only the Global Admin can add further users, this role information is exchanged centrally by Identity with the corresponding apps.

Identity is interesting for different use cases. For example, authentication for various customer portals can be centralized in the sense of a „one face to the customer“ experience, i.e. sustainable, uniform Customer Identity Access Management (CIAM). Companies can also use it to optimize their application management with regard to remote work - flexibly scalable, with efficient on & off boardings, as a standardized access instance including guidelines, regardless of where. Or IT developers are provided with a central identity platform, enabling them to securely integrate identity services into their applications in a user-friendly way. This significantly speeds up the development cycle because an existing IDM standard can be used. However, it can also involve scenarios where apps authenticate themselves and request tokens for resources or backends. This is particularly interesting in the environment of micro services, since it is controlled centrally which app accesses which resources.

„as a Service“ means that we provide you with DTS Identity from our certified DTS Cloud to use as a service from a dedicated, automated environment, including DTS support. Nevertheless, you can manage and configure via self-service, from CI customizing to classification and registration of users based on the invitation principle. In this way, we also enable companies of small or medium size to have centralized access management. There AD administration and authorization management are often not carried out by default, but at the same time there are many different apps or micro services where several groups of people can or should access them.

Our DTS Identity is a truly unique, specially developed software solution: developed and operated according to German data protection & standards, provided from the DTS Cloud, scalable, open for various combinations via API as well as synchronization with ADs & LDAPs and with effective automation - a central, dynamic identity & access management in one solution! Management in one solution!

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