Todays cyber security is marked by an enormous amount of new cyber threats.

Cyber criminals are continously work on new complex technical methods to get access to company networks. As a result the standards to stay safe as a company rise continously. Recent studies state that data protection breaches are about 280 days in a company environment before they get caught and stopped. The main reason for the time of 280 days is based on a lack of experts that needs to be 24/7 available and trained constantly. To stay up to date with technology, processes and expert knowledge there need to be staff every day of the year – more precisley every time during night and day. To overcome all of these difficulties DTS offers you the DTS Managed Detection and Response (MDR) Services.

The advantages to you at a glance

Proactive and continuous threat search

Automated, technology-based analysis and response

4 security operations center locations in Europe with trained & certified professionals

Root cause analysis, process limitation and process remediation

24x7x365 managed detection, monitoring of events and actions of the XDR platform

Threat detection based on the information of leading threat intelligence platforms

Digital, forensic investigations

Health, status and availability system management

Palo Alto Networks Cortex XDR Pro
DTS MDR uses Palo Alto Networks‘ unique Cortex XDR Pro technology as an essential part of the service. The Solution helps you to stop new types of attacks with the industry‘s first open and AI-based extended detection and response platform. This plattform monitors every endpoint-, network- and cloud data environment. It does not only collect data as an endpoint detection and response (EDR) solution following the prevention first approach, it also collects in the same time valuable data to prevent targeted threats. Furthermore Cortex XDR Pro works, thanks to a consistent, fully integrated technology, reliably as a cyber crime defense, as well as for recognition and avoidance of cyber threats.

Early identification of attacks and fighting them consistently
With the strategic partner Palo Alto Networks, DTS is able to refine leading technology with strategic and professional services.

The DTS Managed Detection and Response (MDR) Service enables your comapny to signifacantly increase the maturity of your cyber security in terms of threat detection and response. Therefore it provides a combination of highly qualified expertise and first class technology to assure rapid detection of dynamic threats all over the customers ecosystem. The DTS MDR Service offers 24/7/365 professional SOC-experts who monitor and defend against cyber threats. This effective combination of technology and active monitoring by experts assures fast detection of potential cyberattacks as well as providing the opportunity of taking immediate countermeasures. DTS offers all the benefits of a first class 24/7 SOC without the costs, complexity and challanges that are associated with developing and operating your own SOC. Relieve the burden on your team, so they can concentrate on the actual core processes of the company.

DTS MDR Services extend technology-based prevention first approach to initiate essential detection measures in the event of an emergency - operated by cyber security experts with proven technical expertise and many years of experience.

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