Moving away from passive, decentralized data collection to active, centralized visibility and control - We introduce: DTS Cockpit, our 24/7 security information & operation service!

See. Understand. Act. That is state-of-the-art cyber security. A collection of decentralized "best of breed" isolated solutions does not meet this requirement. You have no central visibility or full understanding of what is happening in your IT landscape. You have almost no time-critical or even automated interaction capability. And yet you have a lot of administration and a high demand for resources and expertise.

Especially for such heterogeneous cyber security architectures, we offer seamless security operation management around the clock, in a true service innovation. DTS Cockpit bundles and orchestrates your IT security solutions independent of vendors, makes your security landscape fully visible and enables centralized, automated, direct actions or reactions - all monitored, analyzed and controlled 24/7 by our DTS Security Operations Center (SOC)!

See, understand and solve everything with us - cyber security made by DTS.

„By 2024, organizations that adopt a cybersecurity mesh architecture to integrate security tools and operate as a collaborative ecosystem will reduce the financial impact of individual security incidents by an average of 90%.“
Gartner from: Key Strategic Technology Trends

    The advantages to you at a glance

    24/7 security information & operation in one service

    Central "all in one" security operation management platform

    Integration of all common IT security solutions & vendors

    Complete visibility & unified database

    Proactive & continuous threat hunting

    Direct, time-critical, automated actions & responses

    Analysis & control through DTS SOC

    24/7 managed detection & response at 4 European SOC sites

    Including our in-house developed ARP-GUARD NAC for highest visibility, control & response

    Incident reporting with concrete recommendations for action

    Essential component of an end-to-end security architecture

    As a security operation platform from the German, certified DTS Cloud, Cockpit combines the "data collector" and "data manager" components in one system. A data collector collects various log sources, analyzes them and generates alarms. A data manager actively controls and executes reactions within the IT environment. By combining these aspects, we have developed a unique, collaborative IT security architecture. The result is data collection and management on a central platform, with unified database, control as well as orchestration. It detects incidents, also via machine learning, and prevents unforeseeable consequences by means of immediate, targeted action options.

    To provide you with 24/7 managed detection & response, our SOC analysts are on duty for you around the clock, at four European locations. Our SOC continuously monitors and analyzes your data, creates reports and takes immediate action. You benefit from this in several ways: We relieve you of the burden of administration and 24/7 operation, provide you with the highest level of cyber security expertise, prevent attacks through immediate responses, and you can concentrate on your core business processes.

    Cockpit enables the connection of all common security solutions as a data collector, independent of vendor and combines their data into a complete overview of your security information. In addition, world-leading security technologies such as firewall, endpoint protection and device security, e-mail security and network access control (NAC) can be used as a data manager for centralized control and response - also automated. ARP-GUARD NAC, which we also developed in-house, is already included in the service for optimal visibility and interaction throughout the network. An overview of the integration options can be found on our website.

    We offer you "See. Understand. Act." in a unique service: innovative and centralized security operation management platform, vendor-independent connectivity of leading cyber security technologies for full visibility and direct as well as automated responses, first-class 24/7 SOC service value-adds, ARP-GUARD NAC already included in the service. Thus, we enable reduced complexity, improved ROI of your existing security infrastructure and 24/7 detection & response as a cost-attractive service. Together with the intuitive setup and operation, this way novel threat detection & response can also be provided to medium-sized companies - "ready for take-off" with the DTS Cockpit!

    Data collectors & managers currently exist for the following components:

    Data Collector

    • Windows logs of the endpoints
    • Palo Alto Networks Next-Generation Firewalls
    • Checkpoint Firewalls
    • FortiNet Firewalls

    Data Manager

    • ARP-GUARD Network Access Control (Cockpit platform included)
    • Palo Alto Networks Next-Generation Firewalls
    • Palo Alto Networks Cortex XDR (Prevent & Pro)
    • Proofpoint Targeted Attack Protection (TAP)
    • Infinipoint platform
    • LogRhythm SIEM
    • Microsoft Defender
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